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Do you ship your product internationally please?

We recommend purchasing our products through Ebay if you are located outside of the USA.  Ebay's Global Shipping Program offers a reduced shipping cost and a reasonable shipping time.

When will I receive my order?

We process most orders within 24 hours and shipping times for "Standard Shipping" service is usually 3-5 business days.

Do you offer different colors?

Right now our products only come in one color - black. In the future we will consider adding colors, and welcome your suggestions.

Does the Company exploit child labor to make these products?

No. We only work with factories which are certified and inspected and have demonstrated a history of ethical labor practices.

DOOR Protectors


Are they washable?

 Yes you can use a damp rag or sponge to remove dirt.  You may also use a lint roller (adhesive type) to remove fine particles of dirt and contaminants from the cloth underside.

Although the guard's materials are designed to dry quickly - continuous wetting and drying on the paint surface may in the long run erode your paint.  Water and its mineral content are not harmless but can in fact degrade your clear-coat paint finish over time.  To prevent this - REGULARLY use carnuba wax (auto wax any brand) to protect your paint surface.  This thin layer of wax will protect the clear-coat from moisture related damage.  Our common sense suggestion is  - Use the guards when you need them and remove the guards when you don’t need them. 


Can I drive with Ding Bats attached?

We don't recommend driving with your Ding Bats attached although many owners do it at their own risk. We feel they add no value to protecting your doors when the car is in motion - and you risk one or all of them detaching and being lost. The idea behind them being attached magneticaly is you can easily use them when you need them and store them when you don't. If you want a more permanent (always on) solution we suggest you look at products which use high bond adhesives.

My Ding Bat door protectors wont adhere to my doors?

Ding Bats are shipped in storage position - you need to open each one from the unhinged end to double their length - exposing their magnetic underside. If you have done this and you are still having issues adhering the guards to your vehicle - your door may not be made of steel. If your vehicle has aluminum or fiberglass doors they will not attract magnets. We urge customers to test their doors with any household magnet before purchasing Ding Bats. If any magnet sticks to their doors - Ding Bats will also.

FRONT Bumper Guard


What size screws are included with the front bumper guard?

Currently we provide 2" long stainless steel screws/bolts in #14 (most common USA vehicles) and M6 (most common European/Japanese vehcles) sizes.  We provide pairs (2) of each in both "Phillips Head" as well as our proprietary "Heart Shaped" anti-theft head (we provide the tool).  It is important to match the new screws to the the existing screws you are removing - so compare both sizes (#14 & M6) we offer to the screws you are removing - and if different from both - try to find the same size (diameter) in a 2" length at a hardware store.

REAR Bumper Guard


Can the rear bumper guard be taken through a car wash, or should it be removed? Will the suction cups get damaged in a car wash?

NO! The rear bumper guard we offer is for temporary use only.  It was not designed for and should not be permanently applied to your vehicle.  Once sized to fit your vehicle and installed it can be stowed in the trunk in seconds and reinstalled almost as fast.  


Will it fit my car?

To our knowledge, Luv-Tap is the first truly universal fit complete coverage REAR bumper protector for street parking use on the market. Our standard size BG001 model is a one size fits MOST solution for MIDSIZE AND LARGE passenger vehicles which have their license plates mounted on the trunk (not on the rear bumper). However, for vehicles that have their license plates mounted on the bumper itself, we make the alternative model BG002 which has a cut-out in its center to reveal the license plate. Please verify whether your vehicle has its rear license plate mounted on the TRUNK or on the actual BUMPER and order accordingly and more than likely your vehicle will achieve a great fit. BG001-mini & BG002-mini: If your vehicle is smaller than a midsize car - we also offer Mini versions of the BG001 & BG002 to accomodate subcompact, Smart, and Mini vehicles. All of our rear bumper guards offer a patent pending utility method of adjusting in length allowing achievement of 100% bumper coverage on most vehicles regardless of their unique geometries and varied sizes. They were designed to be compatible with the vast majority of popular vehicles on the market and do an excellent job covering most cars' bumpers. That being said, there are some vehicles which Luv-Tap does not perfectly or ideally protect. For instance, if your vehicle’s tailpipe or tailpipes are located in the very center of your vehicle’s rear end, Luv-Tap, and basically all rear bumper protectors we know of – should not be used as they may come in contact with the exhaust and cause a fire and/or fumes hazard. If you are unsure about whether Luv-Tap will fit your vehicle – please contact us with your vehicle’s year, make, and model and we will research your vehicle and send a custom response.

The Velcro strap anchors won't stick to my trunk liner?

Velcro or "hook and loop" fasteners will not always stick or strongly adhere directly to some vehicle manufacturer’s trunk lining. If this is your vehicle’s situation please use the provided 2 adhesive backed Velcro strips which came with your guard (also available at most pharmacies, craft, and hardware stores) and stick these (loop side) strips to the area of your trunk liner you want to attach the straps. We advise that when you first apply these adhesive strips you press down firmly and allow the adhesive to cure for 24 hours before using them as an anchor point.

Can I use the Luv-Tap rear bumper protector outdoors?

YES – Luv-Tap was designed for outdoor use and its materials of construction were chosen for their resistance and outdoor durability. Use your Luv-Tap all year long – rain, snow, or shine. As it is machine washable, keep it looking fresh and new by washing it using your machine’s gentle cycle in COLD water and hanging it to dry (DO NOT Machine dry).

Why should I choose a Luv-Tap Rear Bumper Guard?

The Luv-Tap patent pending universal rear bumper guard provides a custom fit for most any size vehicle. The “Field of Loops” and strong hook and loop fastener attachments allow you to create a truely custom fit affording you maximium protection, a desirable appearance, and ease of use. Unlike other bumper guards, our complete rear bumper protector system provides complete coverage of the vehicle’s rear bumper, including the corners of the vehicle – the areas of your bumper that are the most vulnerable to abrasions during parallel parking. We think you will find its vast array of unique features superior to anything else on the market.

Do I need a rear bumper guard?

If you drive a late model vehicle (virtually any make or model bought in the last 15 years), you probably have a painted plastic bumper cover. If that is the case – and if you even only occasionally park your vehicle on the street or at a busy valet parking garage – then yes we believe you do need protection for these instances where your car is at risk of other drivers’ errors in judgment. Once upon a time, cars were built more like tanks with metal and rubber bumpers which could withstand minor contact with other cars during parking – but today’s vehicles are far more delicate, lightweight, and aerodynamic and they unfortunately lack this heavy duty protection that drivers became accustomed to having. Bumper protectors have therefore grown in popularity as they are an inexpensive way to protect your vehicle’s painted plastic bumpers from the parking incidences which through the years have only increased as our urban areas’ populations have grown denser, and conveniently available parking space has diminished further and further. (a) A scratched up bumper immediately detracts from the positive appearance of your vehicle. It is upsetting to return to your car and find it has been damaged by another careless driver who will not be held responsible for damaging your property. You could have easily prevented this damage from occuring in the first place with the proper bumper guard. (b) Such damage is cumulative over months and years and can significantly reduce your vehicle’s resale value, and result in penalty charges at the end of your lease term. You will pay for this damage in one way or another – so why not purchase an inexpensive and convenient form of protection that will save you hundreds of dollars and give you peace of mind for years to come. (c) Repainting and repairing even minor damage to a vehicle’s bumper can cost hundreds of dollars and take days to have properly repaired. So if you consider the cost and inconvenience, why would you take the risks of not having protection?.

How often should I wash my rear bumper guard?

 - Best practice would be to keep your vehicle and the guard clean all the time.  Depending how often you use the guard and the weather will determine if it needs to be washed.  When it rains all the dirt from your vehicles roof and body will run-off on the guard and dirty it. 

If you take your car to car wash weekly and only use the guard occasionally - you will not need to wash as often.   But if you use the guard 7 days a week 24 hours a day - you probably need to wash the guard WEEKLY in your home washing machine TO REMOVE DIRT.


Do you recommend to take it out after the rain or snow in order to avoid stains on the bumper?

Yes if it rained then the guard surely is dirty - so machine wash it and hang to dry before reapplying. 

 Although the guard's materials are designed to dry quickly - continuous wetting and drying on the paint surface may in the long run erode your paint.  Water and its mineral content are not harmless but can in fact degrade your clear-coat paint finish over time.  To prevent this - REGULARLY use carnuba wax (auto wax any brand) to protect your paint surface.  This thin layer of wax will protect the clear-coat from moisture related damage.  Our common sense suggestion is  - Use the guard when you need it and remove the guard when you don’t need it. 


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